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April 11, 2017

5 Tips to Prevent Dementia Related Falls

Those who suffer with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease have an increased risk of falling. Problems with vision, balance and depth perception increase dementia-related falls. Considering the fact that they can lead to broken bones and even head injuries, it is extremely important to prevent dementia-related falls before they occur.
If your loved one is at risk of falling, “fall-proof” is a term you should become familiar with. Just as you once “child-proofed” your home to remove hazards for toddlers, now you are going to make sure that your home is safe from hazards that might cause falls.
Here are five ways that you can prevent dementia-related falls and fall-proof your loved one’s home:
1. Make sure exterior walkways are safe. It’s important to address exterior walkways to ensure that your loved one can enter and exit the home safely. Pay attention to the following issues:

 2. Maximize light in the bedrooms and hallways. Trips and falls can occur easily in the middle of the night when seniors may not think to turn the
lights on before venturing to the bathroom or downstairs for a drink of water.

 3. Use visual contrast and safety devices to prevent falls. Visual contrast can help to prevent falls and to make certain tasks easier throughout the household. For example:

 4. Keep all interior traffic patterns clear. Clutter is the enemy! Make sure that all surfaces are free of clutter.

 5. Increase accessibility and reduce reaching. Reaching up to grab a plate or reaching across to turn off a light can cause imbalance and lead to falls. That’s why it’s important to make everything as easily accessible as possible.




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