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"The Time that Dana spent with Dad makes the last months of his life as pleasant as possible. Dana let Dad have his self-respect while being confident at the same time. I absolutely could not have asked for a better caregiver for my Dad than Dana. The services that you offer your clients are second to none, but the compassion that you show is truly what sets you apart from your competitors! Please give my best to Dana as she is truly an angel here on Earth!"


"I wanted to thank you so much for your valued employee Vicky. She has helped our family and especially my father-in-law (Pop) so very much. We adore her warm and loving personality and attention to detail. When there was an emergency yesterday with Pop, she did not hesitate to take action. She did in fact save his life, as he had lost over four pints of blood. His surgery this morning was a success and I had to let you know how grateful I am that Vicky was there to help us. 


You are truly blessed to have such talent working for you. Take care and have a wonderful day."


"Thank you all so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers and the beautiful basket of flowers. My dad lived to be 101 and a half - he died quietly in his favorite chair and never suffered at all. Just last week, he was still taking his daily "constitutional" down the street with Veronica, his nurse’s aide. I was blessed to have her with us these last few weeks as she was the soul of kindness and made my Father's day comfortable and peaceful. I never could have done it without her.


Thank you all again for caring so much about me and my family."


"The 24-hour care that Home Care Assistance provided for our mom was unparalleled. She had three caregivers, each as compassionate, dedicated and hardworking as the next. Each caregiver worked eight hour shifts, which enabled them to stay focused and well rested, and in turn, provide the best care possible."


"I would like to thank you and the caregivers at Home Care Assistance for the care and compassion you provided to my father…My Dad had several medical complications which restricted his mobility and impaired his health. The assistants proved by Home Care Assistance were professional, knowledgeable and caring. Just as important, they were kind and compassionate human beings that significantly helped his mental outlook and provided friendship and companionship during a difficult period. My Dad genuinely enjoyed the friendship and trust that he developed with his caregivers. I also appreciate your administrative ability to coordinate with our long term care insurance company. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others.


Because I’m so pleased with your service, feel welcome to share my testimony about my relationship with you, with anyone you like."


I'm a 49 year old single man diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The last 15 months of chemotherapy has proved ineffective. I’m told my only option is a stem cell transplant. That requires 24/7, live-in assistance, among a multitude of other services. Choosing that option, a family member stepped in to be my caregiver, but after 30 days couldn’t handle the position emotionally. My hospital social worker gave me a number for a company to call; they use an answering service which started a "game" of phone tag.


I was desperate.


Another family member told me she had personally used a caregiver from Home Care Assistance and was pleased. She gave me your local number…


Bottom-line, your company provided me the choice of several qualified caregivers within 72 hours of my call (including a weekend); and the caregiver I selected from Home Care Assistance (Conrad) was a total blessing and I believe an answer to prayer. "Thank you" doesn’t quite cut it, but that’s all I have…….thank you very much."

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