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What is Home Care?

Home care means receiving services from a personal caregiver. Nine out of ten seniors would rather keep living at home. But when frailty, chronic illness or forgetfulness makes living alone too difficult for seniors, home care assistance enables them to maintain their quality of life and lifestyle.


With home care, a personal caregiver visits the senior for a period of at least four hours at a time -- up to 24-hours a day, seven days a week, depending on the level of care needed.


In-home caregivers provide help with a wide variety of non-medical related activities of a daily living. These include: showering, bathing and dressing, meal preparation, transportation, using the toilet, companionship, recreation, medication reminders, fall prevention, and more. 


What is live-in care?

For people who are looking for a comprehensive alternative to any type of facility, or prefer the comfort and safety of round-the-clock monitoring and care, we offer 24/7 live-in care. A live-in caregiver comes to the senior's home and stays around the clock. With live-in care, a caregiver is always watching over the senior and is ready to assist in all activities of daily living. 


Live-in care does not mean that the caregiver moves into the senior's home. Caregivers must maintain a separate residence and are not allowed to use the personal property, such as the telephone or car, of the senior. Caregivers stay in the home only for the duration of their assigned shift. They may not have visitors nor invite family to the home while they are working. For seniors who need continuous, 24-hour monitoring or assistance 7 days a week, one caregiver covers for 4 days and a second caregiver covers for 3 days. 


Home care isn't just for staying at home.

Our care goes wherever seniors need it. Caregivers aren't limited to providing help at home. They can also drive to doctor's appointments, grocery stores, or other locations. Our caregivers can even provide one-to-one service for seniors during hospital stays or after admission to an assisted living facility, ensuring that they maintain the high level of personal care and companionship they deserve. They can even accompany the senior on vacation trips!

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